8 Things you should know about Chester Bennington

American singer, actor and songwriter Chester Charles Bennington was known for being the leading singer of rock band Linkin Park. Until today you can find that a lot of peoples are his fan and they don’t stop exploring about their favorite singer Chester Bannington. In this article, there are eight things discussed bout Chester Bennington his fans probably don’t know about him.

8 Things you should know about Chester Bennington 8 Things you should know about Chester Bennington:

  • Grey daze was his first band he worked under this band from 1993 -1997 and also recorded some of the albums for the band but numerous disagreement had lead Chester to give up this band.
  • LP song that was his favorite was ‘breaking the habit’.  He stated this, lot of times that this song was his favorite.  Chester also told that it is a song that always connects him on his emotional side. He also told that he felt like mike was writing the song that related to his life. And he had a tough time recording songs as he would start crying while recording.
  • Chester did not like the ‘song one step closer’. In April, 2002 during his talk with rolling stone he stated that it was hard for him to say that which track of the record was most powerful. Crawling, push me away, in the end, points of authority was some of the album he thought has set the standard in album. Also at a party of club tattoo anniversary in 2006, he made the statement that to him in the end and one step closer were “piles of shits” that shouldn’t have made on hybrid theory.
  • Chester made wedding tattoo when he got married to his wife instead of ring. He decided making wedding tattoo as they were too poor to afford a ring. He worked at burger king during that time. On the ring finger he and his wife got made the matching tattoo.
  • Chester while Ozzfest tour in 2001 got bitten up by the recluse spider and while playing basketball he tore the ligament in his hand. In 2007 during stage dive he broke his wrist.
  • Chester was a big fan of skateboarding. When he was young he was so poor that he can’t afford buy a car thus, he used to go on skateboard to job place instead.
  • Chester Bennington was fond of poetry, and he does some poetry by himself. On Instagram he used to post some of his poetry.
  • Chester had creepy experiences with some of his fans. He once told while he was in the crowd a girl put her finger in his mouth and he was nearly choked. It was a horrifying experience for him with his fans. Also, one woman named Devon Townsend stalked Chester as well as his wife and tried hacking their cell phone to retrieve his account number.
  • These are some of the things you would have never heard before about Chester Bennington, and by reading this article, you must have felt very good. You can search more facts about Chester Bennington online there is still the lot you can discover about him.