Nose Job

The cost of rhinoplasty surgery will vary considerably since it depends on several factors. Each individual procedure is unique and depends on the physiology and goals of the patient. In addition, the different geographical regions of the country will have different prices.

A nose job in Manhattan or Beverly Hills is more likely to be more expensive than one done in a smaller metropolitan area. Be sure to find out what services the established rhinoplasty cost covers, as anesthesia, surgical costs, and other fees can quickly increase the final cost if they are not covered in the quoted price.

Additionally, local rhinoplasty doctors realize that most patients cannot afford the costs of cosmetic surgery, and as a result, most accept funding for rhinoplasty. There are several different options, such as interest-free, short-term plans, or interest-bearing long-term plans, and some doctors will even offer their own plans.

Preparation for Nose Job

When preparing for the rhinoplasty procedure, it is a good idea to make sure that you have received and completed your pain reliever prescriptions from your doctor, as you will need them when the effect of anesthesia wears off, and you probably will not feel like going out to get a prescription at that stage of his recovery. You should also arrange to have someone drive you to the procedure site and bring you in later because you will not be able to drive immediately after surgery. Apart from all this, it is advisable to prepare yourself mentally for the physical change you will go through, in addition to the necessary recovery time.

A nose job without surgery

Some doctors have started offering nose repairs without surgery or nose repairs that don't really change the structure of the nose itself. This is done by injecting a facial filler. You and your doctor will decide what type of filler to use after reviewing your goals and medical history. In the same way that they are used to smooth wrinkles, fillers can be used to correct minor deformities in areas of the nose. While this procedure surely has limitations, it can be much more affordable than a full nose job and can be performed much faster with little or no downtime.

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